About Us

HowardPark is a community-driven page regarding real estate in the community of Toronto and Vancouver. Often we have many new people joining the neighborhood and we would like to know which homes are for sale or even so who is joining the community. The reason why we have a community page is that HowardPark has been around for a long time and we often hold bbq and are a close family here. Quite often we have people leaving or coming in recently and it is very hard to keep the family together sadly. So we had a discussion within our group and as a consensus, we have come up with a unique way of reuniting the community and keep it consistently driven.

Here on this website, you can view real estate in the area of HowardPark. Such as real estate agents or even house listing if you want to let the community know before you move you can also insert a blog about your current house and if you are lucky you might be able to get a private deal. This can occur if a current member of the community sees your posts and recommends your potential house to a friend or family.

The real estate community of HowardPark is in two areas in Canada it can either be located in Toronto or Vancouver. Everyone is welcomed and there is no worry if you are in Toronto or Vancouver both places are welcomed to post on our website. This is the great thing about being Canadian we are accepting everyone constantly.

Another topic is community gatherings such as bbq, soccer games or any other types of sports games happening in the community. We often get together and enjoy each other company and we will be talking about such even here on this webpage.