Set Out for a Culinary Adventure in Toronto

Toronto, also known as the capital city of the province of Ontario is a well developed dynamic metropolis. Apart from being famous for some picturesque tourist destinations, the city is also known for delicious foods. The city is home to some of the best budget and upscale dining choices. They serve some of the best food in Toronto.

You can find a variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese to Vietnamese and the local delicacies readily available throughout the city. There are also many culinary festivals and food tours planned in the city every year. These help both locals and tourists explore some of the best food in Toronto. The Taste of Danforth and Toronto Wing Festival are some of the popular events conducted in the city.

What to Eat in the City?

The city of Toronto is considered to be a paradise for food lovers. One can find the choicest of delicacies that are worth a try. List of foods that are a must try to include:

  1. Peameal Bacon Sandwich: A deceptively simple and delicious sandwich that includes grilled peameal placed of a bun. It is Available at the Carousel Bakery located on the St. Lawrence Market. The popularity of the sandwich is so high that the bakery sells almost 2600 sandwiches in a day.
  2. Sesame Bagels from St Urbain Bagel: A popular food choice baked in a hot wood-burning oven. The creamy layer of cheese inside and crispy layer outside makes for a delicious bite.
  3. The Margherita pizza from North of Brooklyn: This is one of the best pizza you can find in Toronto. Made from scratch using the local ingredients. The crispy and chew taste makes you want for more.
  4. Gran Fritto Misto: The delicacy is perfect if you are in the mood for some veggies. A crunchy pile of cauliflower, rapini, zucchini, and other seasonal vegetables with a roster of seafood. The dish is prepared using a special fryer called friggitrice.
  5. Khao Soi: A bowl of egg noodles along with chicken curry makes the dish. The dish is a perfect quick fix for your hunger. If you are a vegetarian the chicken curry, can be replaced with tofu.
  6. Macarons: The famous pastel-hued macarons from Nadège Patisserie are a must try when you are in Toronto. Available in some exquisite flavors the macrons make for a sweet treat that is hard to resist. The USP of the Patisserie is that they even conduct a two-hour class if you wish to learn to make these macarons.
  7. King Crown Nachos: Typically nachos might be a commonly available food item. But if you are looking for the best, nothing scores better than those available at the Sneaky Dees. The crispy corn tortillas with a generous topping of salsa roja along with some ground beef, mixed peppers, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and sour cream make for a yummy treat.
  8. Chocolate Chio Cookies at Le Gourmand: The insanely delicious cookies are known to be soft, chewy and filled with chocolate chips. Every bite that you take will make you fall in love with these cookies and leave you wanting for more.
  9. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes: The delicacy is a perfect choice for your brunch on the weekends. These pancakes make for a standout menu item at the Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Your brunch remains incomplete without gorging on these delicious pancakes.
  10. Thai Islamic Noodles: It is one of the fast selling menu items available at Salad King. Tossed in coconut milk along with some zesty species and served with shrimp, beef or chicken as per your choice.

Explore The Food Tours In Toronto

A trip to Toronto is incomplete without exploring the famous food tours in the city. The Chinatown + Kensington Market Food Tour is a Forbes Magazine recommendation and worth a try. You get to taste the choicest food in Toronto and also explore the city in a fun way. The St. Lawrence Market Food Tour is another popular choice and is a significant attraction in Toronto. Another popular selection is the Made in Canada Food Tour that celebrates the local delicacies. Overall one can say that the city of Toronto is known for some of the best culinary neighborhoods serving the best food.

Aside from food, beauty is all across Toronto. If you look around, you can see many people pursuing a better image of themselves through cosmetics and enhancements.